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Netcontrol designs and manufactures a range of digital data radio modems for remote control, telemetry, SCADA, alarm monitoring and mission critical systems.

Developed to provide wide area system coverage to ensure reliable, secure and cost effective transmission of critical data to remote sites and to meet the needs of electricity networks, Netcontrol's data radios offer a strong set of features that make them a sound choice for many customers.  They have a greater range than other wireless devices, providing coverage of up to 2,000km² or more using repeaters.  Any radio can be configured to fit any application, so there is no need to buy seperate ones or keep multiple types as a spares.  Unique radio identities and a high level of encryption mean no-one else can listen in or interfere.  The 40MHz tuning range makes it easy to change frequency, versatile data interfaces mean you can mix systems as needed, and configurable collision avoidance optimises channel usage and minimises data turn around times.


Radius PDR 121
Radius PDR 121 is an advanced, multi-repeating digital data radio modem designed to offer wide area coverage for remote control telemetry and SCADA type of network applications. Each PDR 121 acts as an independent repeater and can forward messages to any other Radius PDR 121.

Radius PDR 221
The Radius PDR 221 is an advanced, transparent digital data radio modem designed for remote control telemetry and SCADA type network applications.  The PDR 221, with its very low system latency, is the ideal choice  when wide area coverage is not as important as system data speed.

Radius PDM
The Radius PDM is an advanced digital data radio modem designed to offer wide area coverage for remote control telemetry and SCADA type network application. Although it features the same hardware as the Radius PDR 121, the Radius PDM has been designed to be enclosed into a 19" rack for easy, flexible installation. The Radius PDM can be used as a slave, repeater or master.  Additionally, the Radius PDM is also available as a redundant base station in our Radius PDM/HSC, again presented in 19" rack.

Radius HSC 100
The Radius HSC 100 is a fully redundant radio controller for hot-switching from the main radio to the standby radio unit.  Radius HSC 100 offers a high level of reliability against a potential loss of telemetry data in a SCADA network.  Monitoring traffic to and from the data radio master site, Radius HSC 100 determines whether the current master data radio is experiencing communication problems. 

Radius RND 100
Radius RND 100 is a radio network management software tool. Developed to provide a comprehensive platform for real-time monitoring, configuring and maintaining mission-critical PDR radio networks, Radius RND 100 is the ideal companion to your Radius PDR 121, 221 and PDM network installations.


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The Radius PDR 121 is an advanced digital data radio modem, offering wide area network coverage for remote control telemetry and SCADA applications. Data interfaces include two RS232 and one Ethernet ports. The PDR 121 is designed for both point-to-multipoint and point-to-point networks offering up to 19kbps over-the-air data rate.

PDR 221 is protocol transparent and thus capable to transport any serial protocol. Due to transparency, it has the advantage of very low latency (no buffer) so it provides very fast data turnaround times. PDR 221 is ideal for any system requiring point-to-multipoint, peer-to-peer or a broadcast network.

The Radius PDM is an 19" rack mounted version of PDR 121 and 221 modem with advanced VHF/UHF digital radio capabilities designed for wide area remote monitoring and control applications, encompassing point to multi-point communication with peer-to-peer compatibility. The PDM is available in either a transparent or a protocol decoding version with

If your data radio network is 'mission critical', then a failure in any component can compromise your system integrity. The Radius HSC 100 is a redundant radio controller, that designed to provide a high level of security against loss of telemetry data in a SCADA network and is designed to minimize the imact of a failure in components.

Radius RND 100 (Radio Network Diagnostics Tool) is a a comprehensive, centralised network diagnostics tool to manage PDR radio networks through a web based, user friendly user interface.

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