Phase & Temperature Control Relays

Phase and temperature control relays for elevators

with and without machine room. These indicate cause of fire, are self-powered and have a compact size of 22.5 mm (standard industrial size) which facilitates the installation of the product assembly.


Temperature Control by Thermistors - MT2-MT2-R
Phase & Temperature Relays - T - TST-24
Phase & Temperature Relays - ST - ST-D
Phase Control Relay - S


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4 founded
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Protects the motors against over temperature caused by excess ambient temperature, insufficient ventilation or cooling, etc.

Controls the temperature of the motor room (relay + external module OD-T2) or the temperature inside the switchboards where there is no motor room (relay + internal sensor IN-T2).

Suitable for motors with built-in PTC sensors in applications such as elevators, cranes, hoists and similar installations.

Suitable for air conditioning cranes, hoists and similar installations for protection durins startup.

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