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Fanox, one of the main specialists in the world on electronic protection engines, have designed a complete range of electronic relays for submersible and surface mounted pumps protection, that covers almost all the needs of the pumps without changing brand.
Fanox relays are much more reliable and affordable than the relays that are used with level sensors and are the only ones in the market that control the three phases of the motor supply, protecting from empty pump, cavitation, etc. Indeed, they are also the only ones on the market with thermal image, this is very important, because they control with accuracy the heating and cooling of the pump during all cycles, starting, working and stopping cycles. This feature makes almost impossible to burn up a pump.
“We have the authority to say this because we have tested and verified that the rest of the devices in the market only protect one phase, which in some cases can bring out serious problems. We have a complete and specific study on The advantages of electronic protection versus protection with level sensors available for all those customers who request it.”
The leading companies in this sector now use these relays with a high level of satisfaction, due to the good results that they are getting.


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Using the motor itself as a sensor and without requiring any external detectors, they monitor the cos φ of the motor and stop it before a breakdown occurs caused by dry running, cavitation or closed valve.

Suitable where the undercurrent (running wihout load) is critical. For IN of the motor below the minimum setting IB pass the cables several times (n) through the holes in the relay IB = n x IN. For IN of the motor above the maximum setting IB use 3 CT …/5 and the relay P 19

Without requiring any external detectors like level electrodes, it monitors the load of the motor and stops it before an expensive breakdorwn The great advantage of the PS relay is that, without requiring any external detectors like level electrodes, it monitors the load of the motor and stops it before an expensive breakdown occurs.occurs.

With progressive startup and shut-down are fitted with soft starters to prevent problems caused by water hammering or sudden start-up and shut-downs. Equipment with halogen-free wiring.

The cosine of phi (cos φ) is the value of the cosine of the phase angle between the voltage and the intensity of the electrical current. This oscillates from a value slightly below 1 for a full load operating motor to almost 0 when it is dry running.

One of the most critical situations in pump operation is dry running. In dry running situations a current decrease is detected. This reduction of consumed current is measured by the PS-R electronic relay fitted to the protection panel: When the preset undercurrent value is reached it switches the pump off.

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