SIL-G Generator Protection Relay

SIL-G-SIL-G Generator Protection Relay

Sipariş No : SIL-G

The SIL-G is a relay for the protection of generators which is able to protect a generator by means of current, voltage and frequency functions. It is normally used with a circuit breaker as cutting element.

SIL-G Generator Protection Relay

Protection Function ANSI     Protection Function ANSI
Three-phase overcurrent protection INST,DT or IDMT 50/51     Undervoltage protection 27P
Directional three-phase overcurrent protection 67     Frequency protection 81U/O
Residual overcurrent protection 50/51N     Rate of change of frequency protection - df/dt 81R
Directional (sensitive) residual overcurrent protection 67N     Out of step protection (Vector Shift) 78
Undercurrent monitor 37     Defined time directional overpower protection 32/40
Latching 86     Auto-reclose - 0 -> 1 (5 shots) 79
Cold load pick-up block CLP     Syncrocheck / synchroswitch 25
Current unbalance 46     CT supervision- CTS 74TCS
Cable thermal overload protection - T > 49/49T     Programmable Logic  
Overvoltage protection 59P/59N     Breaker failure protection - CBFP 50BF/52
  • 6 configurable LEDs
  • Direct signalling/control of circuit breaker (52 function) and recloser (79 function)
  • 8 Inputs - 7 Outputs
  • 2 Oscillographic records, 20 fault reports and non-volatile RAM memory: stores 1000 events with date/time even without power supply thanks to its internal RTC
  • To allow the communication relays have a communication port on the front of the equipment.
  • Two rear ports on the back for remote communication. Two communication protocols can be used simultaneously:
  • - ModBus RTU and  IEC60870-5-103, IEC 61850, DNP 3.0 or IEC 60870-5-104




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